Renmin University of China Proudly Announces its 80th Anniversary Celebration
(2016-11-14 21:11:50)

Just as autumn follows summer, time and tide wait for no man. In 2017, in the midst of the autumnal beauty of lovely weather and crimson leaves, RUC will celebrate its eightieth birthday! It is with a joyous heart that we pay our sincerest regards and respects to all the friends, educators, and students who have been with us during this journey – all of you who have made Renmin University what it is today.

80 years of diligence and determination. Renmin University of China is an innovative style of University founded in the new China, with its predecessors being established in Yan’an, being variously known as Shanbei Public School, North China United University and North China University. It emerged during the hardships of the Anti-Fascist War, and has evolved along with the People’s Republic of China. It endured the Cultural Revolution, was revitalised in the Reform era, and has soared into the new century. Our history is one of commitment to education and research, and we are renowned for our pivotal role in producing China’s finest graduates and regional scholars, ensuring the successful governance of China, and providing innumerable contributions to the humanities and the social sciences.

80 years of pioneering and persistence. Over the years, RUC has cultivated a unique spirit of tradition, generated from the motive force that is our commitment and dedication to the development of top-quality students. RUC attracts international students and scholars so that its work becomes a global enterprise. Regardless whether it is in the midst of hardships, or in times of peace, all of our people are committed to personal cultivation by means of education, and utilise their learning to make global contributions in the knowledge that all our destinies are intertwined, and that we, together, are advancing courageously towards the future. Our people are exemplars of the principles of “seeking truth from facts,” who work diligently in spite of difficulties, tirelessly striving for knowledge, for truth, and for betterment, not just for themselves, but for all whom they encounter.

80 years of excellence and erudition. This celebration is at once an opportunity to showcase RUC’s historical accomplishments, and concurrently an occasion to consider our advancement towards the future, and the new opportunities that await us therein. We will hold this ceremony to inspire reflection on our past experiences and achievements, and to express our excitement and hopes for the years that lie ahead. Preparations for the celebration are already well under way, and it promises to be an unmissable occasion! It is with great pleasure that we invite all those who have contributed to the success of Renmin University to return, to reminisce about those great years that we enjoyed together. We eagerly hope that all those who have supported RUC over the years, from all walks of life, are able to attend this momentous event!

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